About Pat

Patricia Jeanne Parker graduated from Florida International University with a bachelor of science degree. Following graduation, she began her career as a dietitian. She raised a family of two boys and many dogs and cats. After retirement, Pat began to pursue her love of ceramics and stoneware. Her style shows clean, colorful, functional ceramic dinnerware and the organic natural beauty of nature in her clay sculptures.

I want to try everything once before I leave this earth. I take college classes and pottery workshops and I wheel throw, hand build and sculpt. There is so very much a person can do with this magical clay, and I want to try it all!

—Pat Parker

Pat is a member of the Broward Artists Guild (Past Vice President), and has exhibited her clay and ceramic work in various juried exhibitions. Pat has taken many classes and workshops and sells her work on Etsy.

  • Ceramic Classes at Broward College, 6 years
  • Steve Loucks -Two Week Workshop at Penland
  • Workshops with Rob Buller, Greg Pace, Scott Ross, Diana Fayt, Debra Fritts.
  • Steven Hill Functional Throwing and Spraying Workshop - 2012
  • Steven Hill Journey Workshop - 2013-2014
  • Chris Gustin Workshop - 2014

Patricia Jeanne Parker

Pat lives in Weston, Florida, and shares her space with Moe, the fat studio cat, Tribble the underfoot Shih Tzu dog, and last but not least, Nelson, her dear hubby of 40 years.