Ceramic Artist from Weston, Fl. Offering Fine Tableware and Sculptural Art

Sculptural Pottery
Unique handmade textured and organic sculptures, distinctive sculptural ceramic pottery, and handmade clay & stoneware art.
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Functional Pottery
Wheel-thrown ceramics include exceptional handmade mugs and clay & stoneware bowls, as well as delightful ceramic plates, platters, teapots, dinnerware and many other examples of fine custom dishware.
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Teal green handmade clay driftwood
Ceramic mugs cups set three blue
Handcrafted stoneware brown glazed pitcher
Custom sculptural artwork geen vase
Handmade clay teal pitcher cups
Unique dinnerware green dish sculpture
Handcrafted stoneware pitcher clay vessel
Custom sculptural artwork wood bark bowl
Fine clay red blue shell sculpture
Ceramic dinnerware blue glazed dish stoneware
Stoneware teal glazed plate platter
Ceramic green clay chalice cup plate
Handmade tray platter fruit plate
Ceramic clay grandma cup bird mug
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Find out more about Pat Parker, who she is as an artist, sculptor and potter, and what drives her passion for creating custom clay, stoneware, ceramic dinnerware, and one-of-a-kind sculptural pottery.
Pat's Bio
Clay teal terracotta plate dish
Unique clay crafts yarn bowl knitting
Handcrafted driftwood glazed sculpture vase
Ceramic glazed terracotta crackle vase
Stoneware glazed dinnerware plates set three dishes
Clay cheese plate cover dish glazed
Stoneware mugs set four handmade personalized
Clay kettle stoneware glazed teapot
Handmade clay pottery vase for flowers
Ceramic asian tea set teapot cups
Sculptural stoneware water pitcher cups
Custom sculptural artwork flower paperweight art
Handmade clay brown dish plate
Ceramic water jug pitcher brown glazed
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Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss purchasing our handmade clay, stoneware and dinnerware, or to find out about having a one-of-a-kind piece of ceramic stoneware or a unique sculptural clay piece made just for you.
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